Smoke Blog: CAO Moontrance, Drew Estate Juicy Lucy

One of the good things about the standard-sized smokes like coronas is they produce a lot of smoke.

One of the bad things about the standard-sized smokes like coronas is they produce a lot of smoke. For example, they’ll pretty much fill a hotel room wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

That’s exactly why I picked up a handful of smaller smokes for my trip. And because I didn’t want to go stinking up my lugage and laptop, I opted for some flavored smokes. Normally I gravitate toward Drew Estate’s ACID Krush Classics tins, but the cigar shop I visited was fresh out so I browsed around for something else.

Given Drew Estate hasn’t let me down, I snatched up a pair of their Juicy Lucys, smaller smokes from their Natural line. They’re about the size of your pinky finger, they have a wrapped tip and a pigtail dangling from the cap, and they taste just like the hometown hottie they must be named for: sweet and luscious. It’s hard to describe the exact flavor. Sure, it’s sweet, but doesn’t have the spicy hint most of the other Drew Estate flavored cigars carry. They make a great diversion from your standard smokes and, as expected, they don’t make your room smell like an ashtray in the morning.

CAO’s Moontrance is a bit different. They’re a hair larger than the Juicy Lucy, look like a regular cigar, and come wrapped in a cedar sleeve. You can get them in a box of four, one each of four flavors, but they cost about a third more than a tin of 10 Krush Classics so I just snagged the single, blue-banded Moontrance. It’s flavor is also much more subtle than the Krush Classics and Juicy Lucy, so much so you can hardly detect a flavor on them at all. It was a smooth, creamy flavor that was almost an afterthought to what would be just about any other cigar you’d pick up. Not bad, but for the cost I’d spend another buck or two and pick up a decent robusto or toro. It’s almost like CAO is trying to find a compromise between a standard cigar and a flavored smoke, and I’m not quite sure these would suit either audience.

In the end the Juicy Lucy was far more suited to my needs. However, like the rest of the ACID line, I suspect you’d want to store them separately to prevent the sweet flavor from mingling with your favorite premium cigars or laying a scent into the cedar lining of a humidor.

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