So the latest viral video to hit my inbox claims to be a Haitian UFO sighting:

Of course, it’s a complete fake. I thought so for many reasons when I first saw it, the least of which being the video is only 21 seconds long. However, the real fun comes in reading the reviews under the video, and all the debate between those who know it’s fake and those who want to believe it’s real, even after some reviewers provides a link to a Snopes page debunking the video as the creation of a 3D animator.

Here are a couple highlights from the reviews:

As a scientist, I can say with 100%, without any proof, that aliens exist and are visiting Earth.

Stop right there, asshat. What kind of scientist doesn’t need any proof? You just lost all your credibility privileges. He then goes on to talk about the size of the universe and the primitive nature of humans, which comes right of a sci-fi novel. Yes, the universe is a big place and I too find it hard to believe there’s no other life out there, but that doesn’t mean said life is cruising for babes in our solar system.

The real show is the moving lights behind these mechanical birds. The ones hogging the show are definitely ours, but if you watch closely toward the end, you ll see the lights above and behind them that are the real thing. It looks like someone sent off a reponse to our visitors.

First off, that came under the subject header “missing the point.” Uh huh. A bunch of vague lights are more important than the giant, solid objects in center frame. And someone sent off a “response?” Like what, missiles? F-16’s? Or are we talking Close Encounters-style lights and music?

i think its real!! this is a big universe do you really think that us humans are the only thing ? Yeah right!! turn up the volume when you watch the ufo s, what did you hear? listen real close to the back ground sound.. people we are not alone so stop being a stupid human for up the other world thats waiting for us….hey you never know that might be our relatives =) ..

Sure, because sound can’t be faked. By this guy’s logic, the dinosaur roars in Jurassic Park are authentic recordings, too. Spielberg tapped into the resources of a vast Jewish conspiracy to send a sound crew back in time. Pinhead. And by the way, the rest of the world believes in the shift key on their keyboard and proper punctuation. Use them.

I would just like to add this one thought – Why is it that only men (no motivations, really, just a question) seem to have had UFO experiences? Are there women out there who have these experiences I only read men bringing to light?

Oh, you busted ’em. The aliens are obviously male chauvinist pigs who like football and porno and books about war. They gotta go out and have fun at someone else’s expense, so they hover in and out of military radar space and run anal probes on rednecks.

Please just realize that the guy that claims to have produced this digital video may be the Government once again doing whatever it takes to keep things quiet and in question.

Slooooooowly I turn, step by step…

i like it…but wait til you see the real thing from the desert…i am a totally changed man and from now on i have a different approach to life…..laws of men seem quite ridiculous…

As do, apparently, the rules of punctuation and capitalization. Maybe you spent a little too much time under the sun in that desert?

just curious?????? what s making everybody so sure this clip is so fake Huh????? or are we all too shook to realize otherwise???

maybe cuz it is fake??? do u think you could get head out of ass???

Now all governments will see that keeping the masses dumb is not so good after all where there most intelligent may not be able to do what some smart guy that was made dumb. X files know what I’m talking about if your just a member of the masses I know your slow to facts is ok you see the light, lol one day hopefully

Umm… what?

Are these fake? No, I see something, so they have to be real.

Maybe Spielberg brought more than just sound effects back on that time travel trip…

OMG, as if u guys cant see its a fake. If these were real UFO S (which they are not) they would be flying higher up and they would be going faster and probably dancing around in the sky instead of like..20 metres above ground. Its fake cause it is way to fat/chunky to be a real UFO and is flying TOO LOW! this is obviously a government project to keep everyone in fear of what really is out there. has the president or anyone else said anything about this? has it been on the news? has it been in the papers? no. therefore it is a set up by the government to scare us all with what they have when it comes to UFO technology. think about it. if there ever was an invasion it would be to save humanity from what is to come with global warming and wars. All UFO s arent the bad guys.

I’m beginning to see a pattern: failure to grasp the basic rules of sentence capitalization is somehow related to failure to grasp basic reality. Look out for that man in black behind you!

Wow, that looks totally real to me! I never thought about floating on some jet turbines and using some turbines on the sides to move around. That is totally mind opening! I love this video!

Whoa! I think it’s time to lay off the weed, bro! And go check out the scene with the Harrier in True Lies. That Schwarzenegger can really fly!

This is real ! I just know it. Watch the video again ! This is real ! So fantastic !

Yep, you are so right. Hey, listen, I’ve got this plot of land on the Moon I’ve be meaning to sell, and I’d be willing to cut you a great deal…

I could go on and on with these, but I probably have better things to do with my day. I’ll just leave you with a quote from Bertrand Russell that explains a lot of this behavior:

If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way.

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  1. John U says:

    Of course there are aliens among us.
    I was an alien, myself, when I lived in Australia. {wicked grin}

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