Save the Earth with… Salt Water?

A cancer researcher recently discovered he can burn saltwater and potentially use its energy to drive an engine. As seen in this news footage, he uses radio waves to separate hydrogen from the salt water, then simply uses a spark to ignite the hydrogen. It reminds me somewhat of the Brown’s Gas energy debate, but this guy is using RF energy, not electrolysis, to release the hydrogen. The excitement for this is all over the Internet today, and it looks like it does work but requires some study to be sure it is as energy-efficient as it seems.

On a related note, a weed called jatropha may replace corn and sugar as a biofuel. Debunking and decrying abound in the article, but the farmers are already growing it and they’re looking to use it locally, even if it doesn’t go international.

The article also talks about Big Oil companies investing in the plant’s research. My first reaction was this is against what they’d normally want to accomplish, but in retrospect it makes sense: Big Oil already has the infrastructure and they may as well be ahead of the game when government starts backing ethanol and biofuel development with legislation.

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