Gutsy Ads Redux: Smells Like Pu$$y

If yesterday’s ad alluding to conservative girlfriends wasn’t racy enough for you, Boing Boing today features a link to an ad for a new feminine fragrance for men and a similar ad that is probably satire or something. (And hey, if the ad in the articles linked above are not racy enough for you, check out the Tom Ford website. Definitely NSFW.)

The big question on my mind is what does this stuff really smell like? Is the ad giving us a hint, or is it just supposed to catch our eye? The list of fragrances on his website doesn’t really clear things up, and the bottle just has the guy’s name on it.

If it makes me smell like snatch, I would think my pants would get mighty uncomfortable after a time. I admit there were times back in high school I took a whiff of the ol’ finger and grinned as it evoked a memory of an event earlier that same night, but I’m not sure that’s a smell I want to carry with me all day. I also wonder how they reproduce that smell. Are there long assembly lines of women straddling… Never mind, I’ll stop right there. You get the idea. I’ll also spare you the image I have of the quality control part of the job.

On the other hand, if the label’s accurate, what does Tom Ford smell like? Judging by the website and ads, I would say pretentious asshole.

Which, quite frankly, isn’t something I want to smell like, either.

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