The New Face of Television

Best Buy is dumping analog televisions effective immediately in anticipation of television going all HD in 2009. I say good for them, because it’s pointless for anyone to purchase an analog television that’s only going to be watchable for a year and a half. They’ll also be stocking the idiotic bail-out coupons the gov conjured up to facilitate America’s transition from the old, sagging electric tit to the shiny new high-def tit.

I’d give the FCC a thumbs-up on this, too, but a while back Jon Torres sent me an article where the FCC is discussing putting disclaimer crawls across the bottom of the screen whenever there’s an incident of product placement. In other words, if a character on TV drinks a Pepsi, you may get a message across the bottom of the screen informing you this may be an advertisement.

Between that and their current censorship of the airwaves, they can go pound sand.

Unfortunately the Writers Guild of America, West supports the proposal:

“We believe that, in order to protect viewers, there has to be disclosure that adequately reveals product integration. The FCC should require a crawl to run at the bottom of the screen during the integration that would identify the product, its promoter, and the fact that the writers and actors do not personally endorse the product’s use,” stated WGAW President Verrone.

Verrone further explained that: “This form of disclosure would be no more intrusive than the warnings broadcast on pharmaceutical ads or the distracting promotions for what’s coming on next that are commonly seen in the lower part of the TV screen.”

He can go pound sand, too. No more intrusive than what we see now? What, the ad crawls as they are now aren’t bad enough? They cover captions, they distract from what’s happening on screen, and the persistent ones can cause burn-in in some sets.

Here’s a thought: how about we put the disclaimers in the credits, where they belong? Thanks, Mr. Verrone, for assuming I’m so stupid I can’t spot a blatant product placement when I see one, and that I’m going to automatically start chugging Pepsi because I happened to see Hiro Nakamura down a can in Heroes.

What a dick.

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