More Advice for Dads

In Shuri-ryu’s version of the Wansu kata, there are three points where the karateka delivers a backfist punch to the opponent’s groin. Specifically, the sequence is a block, a punch, a simultaneous block and punch, followed by said backfist. I like to break down my kata and apply a memory aid to make it easier for both myself and the Midget to learn, so in this case the sequence became as follows: block, punch, block, punch, nutshot.

Simple and a little bit funny, thus easy to remember.

Last week, I’m working with one group on their techniques while Sensei is going through Wansu with a group of yellow belts. He explains the B-P-B-P-N sequence in their proper karate terms, such as geadan uke, augmented shuto, and so forth. The Midget raises his hand at the end, and Sensei calls on him.

He proceeds to tell the entire dojo “My dad calls that the nut shot.”

So begets my next bit of advice for Dads: no matter how much you tell your kid not to repeat something, it’s eventually going to come out.

And with that I leave you with a link to Nad Shot, a greatest hits collection of nut shots from comics.

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