Das Tödliche Geschlecht

Das Todliche Geschlecht – Cover draft

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The above is the cover to the German edition of Deadliest of the Species, aka Das Tödliche Geschlecht or “the deadly gender.”

I’m posting this as a sort of insight to the process. This is the second draft I’ve seen, and it’s getting closer and closer to a final product. There’s still some tweaking to do to the fonts/lettering and their placement, and the artwork will be tuned a bit more, but this is the concept.

Maybe I’m biased, but I kind of like it. I feel there pretty much has to be a woman on the cover given the content, and they’ve certainly done that. It’s also tough to complain about the size of my name in proportion to the title. Heh.

The geschäftsführer (sounds much cooler than “managing director,” doesn’t it?), Michael Krug, tells me the cover will be appearing in a program review in December, which will be used to pitch the book to booksellers. I also see the ISBN numbers for the book are listed on the site, so things appear to be on track.

I’m really looking forward to having this in hand. I got a look at Brian Keene’s Otherworld titles when I visited him, and the company really puts out a quality product. I get the impression they have big plans for the future as well, so I feel like I’m climbing aboard at a good time.

I best get off my dead ass and write them something else.

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