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I didn’t intend this to be tech day on the blog, but now I’ve found this CNet article talking about how Windows XP is a lot faster than Windows Vista. My first reaction was “tell me something I don’t know.”

While I’m not a big fan of Windows XP, I do admit it’s the best system Microsoft has put out. Vista just doesn’t impress me at all, because in my eyes if you’ve got a current machine, whatever software you put on it should hum. On a brand new ThinkPad I purchased, Vista was very pokey, even with the eye candy turned off.

In the article, one of their VP’s says:

“Frankly, the world wasn’t 100 percent ready for Windows Vista.”

Ah, yes. When Linux has headaches, it’s not ready for the desktop. When Vista has delays, canceled features, etc., it’s the rest of the world that’s not ready. Nice.

When co-workers and parents come to me asking to buy a computer, about half of them are asking me where they can buy a machine with XP on it. They’re not asking me what I think of Vista, or if they should upgrade, they’ve already heard that it’s no good, or that they should wait until Service Pack 1 comes out. Two parents have asked me if they felt their kids could still get college work done on a Mac (and I said “Of course!”, of course).

There’s a few people who tell me how great Vista’s new features are, but how many of those apply to Joe End User? Very few. There’s some great stuff in there for network admins and for securing Vista in a large network, but not a lot that the kid down the street surfing the Internet and typing up essays is going to take advantage of. I really hope Microsoft is getting the message on this one, and that the next operating system they claim they’re working on solves a lot of these problems.

Until then, people are going to be paying more and more attention to the Apple Switch ads and the similar Linux ads. (I find it all the more interesting these Switch spoof ads are run by Novell, who partnered with Microsoft for greater Linux interoperability.)

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