Enough Tech! How 'Bout Writin'?

I’ve been blogging just about everything but my writing the last few weeks, so it’s high time I at least mentioned it before people start to forget that’s what I really want to do in the first place. Here’s a status report on several projects:

I’ve been thinking The Malice Engine may see life as a graphic novel rather than a prose novel. The content lends itself well to a visual presentation, and to be perfectly honest, it will probably see print a lot faster that way. I also think it would make a kickass animated feature if I can figure out a way to pitch it that way sometime. I’ve been sitting on a complete chapter-by-chapter outline for some time now.
The German edition of Deadliest of the Species is being shopped to German and Austrian book retailers this month. The publisher is seeing a lot of growth and is doing well with their current products, so I have a reason to feel good about my chances. I’m hoping to be of greater help to the promotion efforts once the book hits.

The top secret book still comes out next year. I still need to write a novella that will go on the back of the book, but it appears we’ve got an artist on board. I don’t even want to say who that is, but I will tell you that if you’ve been following the horror small press, you’ve seen his work.

The wrap-up to the story started with “To Fight With Monsters” in 4×4 and continued in To Travel Among Men in New Dark Voices is now officially two novellas. The first draft of the first novella, To Confront the Enemy, has been sent to two prereaders and one has given me good feedback already. The second novella, To Rise from the Ashes, is fully plotted out and just needs to be written. If all goes according to plan, the final published package will be the short story, the first novella, and these two novellas all combined to form the complete To Fight With Monsters saga.

There has been some interest expressed in Powerless, my next novel (unless you call To Fight With Monsters a novel). Not a solid sale, mind, but the potential is there. I’ve taken stock in what I have so far, and I have more finished than I thought. Some cleanup and a solid synopsis and I should be able to drop a pitch on a desk early in the new year.

Patrick Hoover, the artist of Wounded Gods, and I may be working on a different project soon, something more suited to his style. He’s got a few big events in his family life right now, but I hope we can tell you more about it in another month or two. I’ll be talking to a few other people about Wounded Gods in the near future.

Remember Muy Mal? Contrary to popular opinion, John, Weston and I do, too. Honest. We all just happened to get sidetracked by larger projects at the same time. In that respect, I guess we can call Muy Mal a success. The three of us are currently discussing a relaunch with an eye to complete the existing stories and wrap up the shebang. It’s patently obvious we can’t do this indefinitely as we originally planned, but we sure don’t want to leave everyone hanging. I’ll have more on this when we get it all nailed down.

I’m finishing up a zombie short story this week. It’s tentatively titled “My Husband the Zombie” and it will be submitted to a publisher I’ve been working with recently. I don’t want to say who until it’s officially accepted, but the good news is I was invited to the anthology and the plot has already been approved.

That’s the bulk of it. Not a major change from my previous updates, but I have moved forward some. There are a few other things in the works, but nothing near solid enough to be worth mentioning. Unfortunately I’m finding my keyboard time for December dwindling more and more, but January’s looking good.

More to come with the New Year.

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Mike Oliveri is a writer, martial artist, cigar aficionado, motorcyclist, and family man, but not necessarily in that order. He is currently hard at work on the werewolf noir series The Pack for Evileye Books.

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