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So much to blog, so little time. Here’s a couple quick hits:

Congrats to Automattic, creators of the bestest blog software on the planet (WordPress), for landing $29 million in funding. Not too shabby for a product that’s being given away for free. And they say Open Source doesn’t work. Ha! Version 2.5 already sounds delicious.

A man got through a TSA checkpoint in an airport, realized he still had his gun on him, and went back to report it. The TSA goon squad promptly arrested him. Lesson learned? If this happens to you, keep your mouth shut. They suspended the screener who let the man through for the investigation, but I don’t understand why the man’s arrest was bigger news than the TSA failure. Yes, he tried to make good on his mistake. But look at it this way: in some states it is legal to carry a firearm, but illegal to carry that firearm onto school grounds. If I were legal to carry and walked into work with my gun, I’m sure I’d be arrested whether or not I told the principal “oops!” ahead of time.

A mysterious blob is clogging sewer drains in Maine (found via Boing Boing). Maybe it’s The Stuff. Run for your lives, Mainers!

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