Stimulate Me

Congress just sent a bill on to Bush to spend $170 billion (yes, billion) to “stimulate the economy” by sending us tax rebates.

I’m all for more money in my pocket, but we’ve already got a deficit of over $9 trillion! How about we do something intelligent, like revamping the tax system or cutting pork barrel spending? Cripes.

Before anyone tells me there’s nothing wrong with the tax system, let me lay out an illustration. In the 2006 tax year, the feds refunding every penny I gave them. For the 2007 tax year, they only kept a couple hundred bucks. How does this make any sense?

If I get a $1200 check like the article suggests, the government is giving me free money, which is actually a loan we’re going to have to pay for later. They may as well be saying “Well, the economy sucks, here’s a free 42″, high-def Vizio for everybody! But don’t worry, you’ll pay it all back when the next administration raises taxes to fix the mess we made.”


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  1. Clark says:

    It gets back to the idea behind tax cuts – putting money into the hands of the little people (who are assumed will blow it right away) puts that money into the hands of the corporations and wealthy people who pay taxes at a higher rate which means that the money will come back to the government. The Republican party will soon be trotting out the “tax-and-spend liberal” tags for every Democrat in the country – a line that they’ve used since Reagan (who raised taxes almost as many times as he cut them) and Bush I (who promised not to raise taxes and then did – ushering in the Clinton years). W and his ideologically pure cronies believe unreservedly and without exception in their theories – they have the MBAs to prove that they are right and everyone knows that giving someone a master’s degree makes them all-knowing. It is only when an individual earns a doctorate in the sciences that they become stupid enough to believe in things like global warming.