Pansperminated (Redux)

A Columbia University professor has presented evidence that meteorites carried a payload of amino acids to Earth, thus delivering the building blocks of life to our planet. This reinforces the concept of panspermia, which I’ve blogged about several times in the past.

It has yet to be proven amino acids spontaneously developed into life, but if these findings are proven we know that there are more building blocks for life out there. We have to wonder not only where these acids may have come from, but where else they may have been delivered. I may not (yet) buy it that there are aliens cruising our atmosphere, but I disagree with the average Joe’s assertion that were unique or special in this big universe.

I hope, too, that the scientists will investigate the source of the meteorites. It seems more likely they’d have come from within our solar system, but the implications are huge if they came from extra-solar space.

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