Today's Emissions

  • BURN! BURN, PHOTOS, BURN!! (Also not as cool as it sounds.) #
  • @TodClark I thought Candlebox was long gone and hardly missed. #
  • Trip prep to-do list is completed! W00t!! #
  • @KentGowran My rugrats have been asking if it’s time to go to PA since Friday. It’s a good thing evolution makes kids cute. #
  • The van has GPS, my CrackBerry has GPS and 2 kinds of maps, and we printed a Google route map. I think we’ll find our way. #
  • I can now tell which farmers planted their corn late by looking at their crop. That red neck stain around here must be contagious. #
  • If I renounce horror and start telling you Mitt Romney was this country’s missed opportunity, kill me. #
  • Aaggghhh! The church! It burnss usss! #
  • Standing. #
  • Kneeling. #
  • Standing. #
  • Sitting. #
  • Standing. #
  • Kneeling. #
  • Watching people eat crackers. I’m not allowed. #
  • Kneeling. #
  • Standing. #
  • When my wife and in-laws read this, I’m a dead man. #
  • @vanhalen1970 @tomokato @kellidunlap I’m going to Hell for that bit. See you all there! #
  • On the road. Reviewing plans sent to me by a publisher. 2009 could be an interesting year. #
  • The commercial is right: there IS more than corn in Indiana. They also have beans. #
  • Playing leapfrog with a Mustang on the highway. What’s up, guy? Our minivan too much for you? #
  • Just discovered a glove compartment we didn’t know we had. How about that? We thought it was the airbag cover. #
  • @tomokato I don’t have a problem with the car, just the dumbass behind the wheel. #
  • Middle child is officially sick of the car. Meanwhile, my Wife the Psychic Mom can figure out what youngest wants, but all I hear is babble. #
  • Dinner at some truck stop restaurant. Hopefully at least better than the BK in the gas station next door. #
  • Old man nearby is hacking up a lung. Yes, I’d LOVE a dose of pneumonia with my dinner! Thanks for asking. #
  • Wife wonders if he’s having a heart attack. Sadly, we never have that kind of luck. #
  • Running the rugrats before getting back in the car. #

About Mike Oliveri

Mike Oliveri is a writer, martial artist, cigar aficionado, motorcyclist, and family man, but not necessarily in that order. He is currently hard at work on the werewolf noir series The Pack for Evileye Books.

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