Today's Emissions

  • Does every trip to the bathroom with the rugrats HAVE to be an adventure? #
  • Crashing in Ohio, home of… nothing particularly interesting. #
  • This La Quinta’s beds suck. #
  • The Midget sleeps like a rock. Meanwhile, you almost have to sit on the Squirt to keep him down. Kids are weird. #
  • It’s too damn early to hear “Howdy folks!” #
  • @Greyhawk68 “Howdy, douchebags!” would ROCK! I just wasn’t expecting “Breakfast with Hee-Haw.” #
  • Washing my hands in the can, old man walks in, says “I eat here quite often and I’ve never smelled it like this.” Um, oops… #
  • Just passed a yellow Lotus. What a cool little car. #
  • After the Lotus? A truckload of chickens. #
  • Sign says welcome to “wild and wonderful” West Virginia. Do I hear banjo music? #
  • Yet another Oliveri bathroom adventure. This time it’s the Squirt screaming “But I didn’t wipe yet!” at the top of his lungs. #
  • Survived West Virginia, land of “Why would we put gas stations near highway exits?” On to Pennsylvania. #
  • It’s grillin’ time! #

About Mike Oliveri

Mike Oliveri is a writer, martial artist, cigar aficionado, motorcyclist, and family man, but not necessarily in that order. He is currently hard at work on the werewolf noir series The Pack for Evileye Books.

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