Today's Emissions

  • – Killer Ice Cream #
  • – Jim Mack’s Black Bear #
  • – La Llama! #
  • @natesouthard I’m revoking your Bad MoFo license. You should not be jiggy with anything. Exchange your boots for Reeboks, you soccer mom. #
  • Just read some email that’s got me charged up to write. With luck I can get the Wife to drive tomorrow so I can work in the car. #
  • The rest of the day will be spent staring at fish, sharks, and the various scary things lurking around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. #
  • @cullenbunn is obviously more dedicated than I… this week. #
  • Intended bedtime for tomorrow’s trip: 10pm. Actual bedtime: 11:10pm. D’oh. #
  • Chances of waking wife for [censored] at this point? Approximately the same as my getting struck by lightning right… now. #
  • Okay… now! #
  • Now? #
  • NOW! #
  • Damn. #
  • Woke the rugrats with promises of sharks and penguins. For the moment they’re watching Transformers Animated Series, which sucks rocks. #
  • Suddenly craving tacos. It is inexplicable. #
  • Searching York for the Huycks. #
  • Stuck with a (Not-So-)Tastykake thing for breakfast. Also, “extreme” chocolate milk must mean “we fucked it up for you.” #
  • Schooling @kellidunlap in the ways of Mac from the highway. #
  • @TodClark The problem with that piece is the publisher doesn’t appear to give a shit. ;) #
  • The National Aquarium ROCKS. Ooohhh, sharks! #
  • Dolphin show was good, but also disappointing. Only one big jump. #
  • The environmental message they’re hammering home from every corner is getting very old. #
  • Their 4D Immersion Theater was definitely worth the price of admission. #
  • Now watching them run Windows Vista (suckers) on-screen. #
  • @KentGowran They have several small great whites! A hammerhead and a few others, too. #
  • The watershed show after the 4D is kinda lame. #
  • Scratch that: it’s a snoozefest AND another preachy environmental commercial. #
  • Waiting on Patrick to return water to the Chesapeake Watershed. #
  • Had a great day with the Huycks: saw the aquarium, then checked out three of the Maritime Museum ships. Now headed back to @BrianKeene’s. #
  • @tomokato I dig the environment and try to do my part, but I don’t need them trying to make me feel guilty for merely existing. #
  • All these twists, turns, and hills apparently rob PA drivers of their ability to maintain a consistent speed, even on straight paths. #

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Mike Oliveri is a writer, martial artist, cigar aficionado, motorcyclist, and family man, but not necessarily in that order. He is currently hard at work on the werewolf noir series The Pack for Evileye Books.

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