Today's Emissions

  • Wondering what keeps setting off neighbor’s floods. Don’t see anything big over there. Maybe the Cthulhu bullfrogs I keep hearing? #
  • Party rocked, btw. Thus no tweets. If I had time for Twitter, that may have indicated a lame party. This does not happen at Journey’s End. #
  • Back is killing me this AM. Glad to be done with this air mattress. My chiropractor is going to lecture me, I’m sure. #
  • Empty beer Bottles. Scattered clothing. Crying females. Yep, the Four Horsemen threw another successful party. #
  • Almost done burning evidence (to CD). Time to get dressed and help @BrianKeene deal with the aftermath. #
  • Tent loaded. Van packed. Rugrats strapped in. Back on the road we go! #
  • @BrianKeene has convinced me Gurkhas are good smokes. Going to be some tough decisions for my next box. #
  • Speaking of, I’d better order soon because I host @Greyhawk68 and @Locnar1970 at the end of the month. #
  • @TheLionKing You’re working on a Sunday? I’ll definitely have to send you something! #
  • @Locnar1970 We’ll probably have to chat about that this week. #
  • – Definitely a Reader #
  • Crossing into Ohio shortly. This means Squirt will be due for dump number 2 any time now. #
  • Browsing an artist’s portfolio is surprisingly easy on the CrackBerry. #
  • About 20 minutes before I take the wheel. On the plus side, I get the radio, too. #
  • Ohio trooper shot by, cherries flashing, and whipped into the u-turn gap. Then we nearly t-boned him as he backed up to tighten his u-turn. #
  • That would have been a GREAT capper to the vacation week. #
  • The scruff of the neck: nature’s steering wheel. #
  • You know you’re at a rest stop when it costs 40 bucks for 4 meals at frickin’ Sbarro’s. #
  • @BrianKeene When you were in your 30s… You mean just last year? ;) #
  • Insult to injury at rest stop Sbarro: we had to repeat our order SIX TIMES — I shit you not — to the same person. Memory like a goldfish. #
  • @bobford I hear ginkgo biloba is even better for filling that gap. #
  • Wringing out the rugrats so we don’t have to stop again in 10 minutes. If I can get them to conk out during the next DVD, we’ll be golden. #

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Mike Oliveri is a writer, martial artist, cigar aficionado, motorcyclist, and family man, but not necessarily in that order. He is currently hard at work on the werewolf noir series The Pack for Evileye Books.

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