Hot for Teacher

A German teacher did a brief striptease for students at a Hungarian school, and one of the students caught it on video. Where were these teachers when I was a kid? Just about every guy I knew wished Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” video would become a reality.

Make no mistake, she did a very stupid thing. I don’t think there’d be any question she’d be fired in my district, and rightfully so. At the very least she’s made it very difficult to maintain her authority over a classroom and has set herself up for all kinds of problems. The biggest difference I noted, however, was the parental reaction. Check out this quote:

One parent was quoted in the Sun as saying the students “couldn’t believe their luck” when the teacher started stripping.

Judging by the catcalls in the background of the video, that about sums it up. I imagine a lot of the boys were disappointed she didn’t get to go any further. If this had happened a US school, things would have played out quite differently. Sure, the kids would have been just as excited, but the parents would be crying over the corruption of their children. There would be counselors on hand and everyone would be worried about emotional scarring. Then would come the barrage of lawsuits.

Simple disciplinary action, including termination of the teacher, would never be enough for the moral majority. Sometimes it’s like Europe is a whole ‘nother planet.

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  1. Mikey says:

    A planet I’d like to emulate more often than not. But then I’m a godless secular liberal Republican, so what else would you expect?


    PS: Don’t ask me to define the GSLR movement…I dunno either.