Monkey See…

The Midget is back in karate with me. Today I ran the class, and we watched one of our brown belts run the kata bassai dai. It’s an advanced kata, and it includes a movement often referred to as “monkey steals the peach.” In the attack team I’m on, it’s my job to attack the black belt candidate at that very point in the kata, and I pointed this out to the class by saying “and Mr Woodall steals my peaches” at the appropriate point.

If you can’t picture what peaches the monkey may be stealing, this will give you the idea:

Excuse me, Mr Ninja, but I'm not interested in detachable peaches.

Excuse me, Mr Ninja, but I'm not interested in detachable peaches.

Good thing I wear a cup to karate.

Flash forward a few hours. The Wife and I are sitting on the porch. We can hear the kids playing and talking through the living room window, and the Midget decides he’s going to make up a kata and teach it to his brother. My feeling is if it keeps him interested in karate, he can make up all the kata he wants.

A few minutes later we hear “Okay, this move is called ‘monkey steals the peach.'”

The Wife and I share a look. All parents know this look; it’s the one that says “He wouldn’t. He couldn’t.” But you’re both pretty sure he’s gonna anyway.

A moment later we hear the Squirt: “Aaaa-owwww!!”

The Midget reviewed two kata and learned how to run his ippon kumite kata to two directions today, and even got to play with sai and bo in our weapons class. In all he got three full hours of karate, judo and kobudo this morning. What does he take away? The five seconds we spent on the monkey and his frickin’ peaches.


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  1. Noah L says:

    Ohhh, that’s hilarious! Joe Dill got to be the attacker for that particular technique when I was on the attack team for Mr./Mrs. Lee and Mr. Miller. One of those practices, Mr. Miller performed the technique, then mimed throwing the “peaches” back over his shoulder. I don’t think we finished the kata :P

  2. Mike says:

    Next time you’re in town, I’ll have to show you my interpretation of one of the techniques in tensho. (I think it’s tensho, anyway. One of the advanced katas.)

  3. Noah L says:

    I can only assume (if it’s Tensho) that it is for the downward shotei, if it relates to this post? :P

  4. Noah L says:

    I definitely do want to see that! I only got to learn the Goju version of Tensho, but it’s close enough that I know what you are talking about