Throwdown 3

The Main Event!
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I attended Throwdown 3 Saturday night, a mixed martial arts event in East Peoria featuring 20 fights. This time I had a seat at a VIP table, putting me just ten or fifteen feet back from the octagon. What a blast!

I took a handful of pics with my cell phone (I should really try to bring a real camera next time), and the one above came from the main event. They had some technical difficulties and their sound system made it tough to catch all the fighters’ names, but there were some great fights as the night rolled on. Most ended in submission or TKO, but a couple went the distance and there was one solid knockout.

A local fighter named Derrick Noble refereed some of the matches, and having fought in the UFC and other events, he was a little more forgiving in matches that went to the ground than the other refs. In the two female bouts, an obvious local favorite named Kathy Snell won her match with an armbar and improved her record to 3-0. We recognized a few other fighters from the last event, but again couldn’t hear all their names.

The earlier fights seemed to be the most inexperienced fighters. Some of them looked like young teenagers, and a few didn’t even look like they were in any shape to fight. I realize we’re not talking UFC-level professionals here, but these guys looked like the promoter recruited them out of the parking lot at random. One guy didn’t even protect his face, and at one point he looked over at his corner and ended up catching a thrust kick to the gut. We couldn’t believe it, as we even teach our white belts to never take their eyes off their opponent!

I give them credit for having the sack to get in there, but I have to wonder, how many of them walked out realizing this isn’t where they belong? Better they find out in the ring with a ref and paramedics on hand than in their buddy’s back yard, too.

All in all a great night. I’m already looking forward to Throwdown 4. With luck they’ll put together some fliers with the fighters’ names, weight classes, and styles then, too.

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