Because There's Nothing Else to Do

I haven’t heard this cover of “Common People” since I saw Shatner and Joe Jackson perform it on one of the late shows a few years back. Yesterday I caught it from the beginning on Sirius, and it’s been rolling through my head ever since.

It’s not brilliance by any means, but there’s something catchy about it and I like the way Shatner’s spoken-word delivery mingles with Jackson’s singing in the second half.


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  1. Eric says:

    Who is singing in the background? Because Shatner did a version of this with Ben Folds as well.

    • Mike says:

      Joe Jackson on this track. If I remember right, Ben Folds is on the same album. In fact, he may have even been playing when Shatner and Jackson performed it on Conan or whatever, but don’t hold me to that. I do know Jackson sang on it, though.