Extreme Arm Wrestling

No, really, it’s out there:

I saw this on a Cracked article and couldn’t believe it really existed, but there are several related videos featuring the same thing on YouTube. I can understand boxing and MMA, but why make such an arbitrary mix as arm wrestling? I suspect this is a product of a brainstorming session involving a handful of thugs and a few bottles of whiskey.

“Hey Bob, I have an idea! Let’s chain ourselves to this table and punch each others’ brains in!”

“Duuuuude! You’re a genius!”

Are knock-outs and submissions in the cage not enough? What makes this so much more exciting to watch? What makes it so much more exciting to compete in? How big do your balls have to be to want to compete in this?

That’s probably the key right there. When you’re dealing with the three Bs of combat sports — brains, brawn, balls — it’s only the balls that matter. They may as well start televising roshambo.

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