Cutting Avatar in Half

I’ve been reading a lot about how long Avatar is and how its cliché plot drags it down. It occurs to me, though, that it would be easy to cut it in half.

The main character’s real body sits in a container as he controls his Na’vi avatar, yes? It’s obvious from the trailer that he goes native, sides with the Na’vi, and does battle against his old commander, right? One would assume, then, at some point the human soldiers and scientists start to figure out they’ve lost our hero to the bad guys.

At that point, would it not make sense to open up his container and shoot his real body in the face? Or at the very least just unplug him and court martial him. Either way, done, movie over.

Hopefully Cameron’s thought that one out and has an answer for it, however contrived. Then again, Tolkien never figured it out, either. Witness the short version of The Lord of the Rings:

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