Two for Flinching!

Punch Dub, Slug Bug, Punch Buggy. Whatever you call it, you know how to play the game. Now VW has picked up on it and has turned it into an advertising campaign:

My favorite punch buggy incidents occurred in Los Angeles back during the first 4×4 tour. Brian Keene, Mike Huyck and I were all riding in the back of Ann Laymon’s Cherokee on our way out to Dark Delicacies. Geoff Cooper and his girlfriend followed in a car behind us. At one stoplight, we spotted a punch buggy and commenced to beating the shit out of one another, while the guy next to us shouted encouragements.

Next stoplight, we spotted another. Brian and Mikey jumped out of the Jeep and headed back to Coop’s car. He helpfully rolled down the window so they could deliver the punch buggy blows. Brian and Mikey ran back to the Cherokee before the shooting started.

Good times.

What’s your best punch buggy story?

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Mike Oliveri is a writer, martial artist, cigar aficionado, motorcyclist, and family man, but not necessarily in that order. He is currently hard at work on the werewolf noir series The Pack for Evileye Books.

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  1. Van Halen says:

    Whilst driving in Tucson, AZ… the girlfriend du-jour mentioned playing that & indicated the additional rule that is you saw a VW Thing (Trekker or Safari in Mexico) that you won.

    The male of the friends we were visiting then started giving us directions. NO explanation, just directions.

    After a couple miles of driving he started smacking both of us & declared, “I WIN” having driven us past the VW dealership where they have 7 of the Things sitting out front.

  2. wolfnoma says:

    Hey Mike,

    My punch buggy story takes place in a decade that was filled with Disco music, bad clothes, bad hair and excellent drugs… the 1970’s.

    I was in the 5th grade and my class went for a field trip to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Several of my classmates quickly taught the rest of us how to play much to the chagrin of the bus driver, teachers and adult chaperons alike. By the time our bus had reached it’s destination almost every male on the bus was black and blue along with a few of the more aggressive females. But, that is not where the story ends. It is just the begining.

    Two days later, in the car with my Father, mother and my 3 sisters I saw a Robin Egg Blue VW Bug. I immediatley yelled “BUNCH BUGGIE BLUE!” and hit my two older sisters, my mother and my father in what can be described as a Martial Arts move perfected by Bruce Lee himself. My sisters screamed, my mother started cussing, my father said “Enough! You want to play? Hmm? We gonna play BOY! You done messed up now.” I sat back in my seat worried, scared and ready to vomit.

    Five minutes later my father pulled up outside a Volkswagon car dealership and had us all get out of the car and form a circle with me in the middle and my sisters, my mother and my father commenced to yelling “PUNCH BUGGIE BLUE!” Smack “PUNCH BUGGIE YELLOW! Smack. “PUNCH BUGGIE ORANGE!” smack! and so on and so on until I was crying and in more pain than I had ever been.

    Later, on the way home I saw about 5 punch buggies and never once did I raise a hand to slug my family.

    That all being said… I still play today with my buddies and even with my wife and daughter. Of course with my wife and daughter we don’t hit with fists we just tap each other on the leg.

    That’s my story, edited for contet,time and space.

  3. Mike says:

    VH – That’s cheatin’. I love it!

    W – Dude, talk about a harsh lesson! Of course, at least your dad was creative about it. Most dads would have just pulled over and beaten the snot out of you. :)