Now I Feel Gullible AND Guilty

I just watched the following video called The Story of Bottled Water, discovered at Boing Boing:

I try to limit my bottled water consumption anyway. With rare exceptions, I only buy cases because I can get 24 bottles for less than $3.00 versus the $1.00-$1.50 gas stations and supermarkets charge for single bottles. We filter our tap water at home, but it’s more convenient to have bottles handy at work and at the karate dojo. Furthermore, I recycle every one of those bottles by taking the empties to the town recycling bin. I tried to refill a bigger bottle for a while, but it broke after three days.

Time to start rethinking my plan. If the video’s recycling comments are correct, recycling isn’t yet having near the impact we’re led to believe it is. And while I keep my bottle consumption to a minimum, I’m still going through many more bottles than I should be. I didn’t sweat it so much when I lived back up north and our town’s water was horrible with radon and the occasional bacteria spike, but my new home’s tap water is just fine, especially after it’s run through the filter we put on the faucet.

I’m not usually a big environmental nut, but it’s hard to argue that I’ve been sucked in by corporate marketing. Even if I’m not completely buying into the “I need bottled water!” message, I’ve at least become lazy about carrying my own water around.

I need to do some shopping after karate tonight. I think it’s time to look for a good, sturdy, refillable bottle. The little metal ones we bought our kids to carry to school are a good start, I’ll just need to look for something bigger. I’ll probably update this post with what I find, if anything.


Some friends recommended the following bottles:

Klean Kanteen

I may check those out. In the meantime I bought a simple, BPA-free, 32-ounce plastic bottle with a carrying loop. 32 ounces should get me through most karate classes, and worst case I just fill up from the dojo’s tap. I did see a nice metal bottle with a plastic screw top and a carabiner, but it only came in a nasty orange color. I can afford to be vain until I spot one in black or blue, right?

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