Ominous Skies

A little bonus photo:

Not funnel clouds, but not clouds Im used to seeing

Not funnel clouds, but not clouds I'm used to seeing

When I fired up the grill, we had clear skies. Half an hour later, we had what you see above. The winds picked up, the temperatures dropped, and the clouds rolled in and took on these strange shapes. There was no lightning and there were no warnings on the weather sites I checked, so I wasn’t too worried about it, but I’d never seen clouds behave like that in person. I grabbed the camera and took the photo abobe.

If I hadn’t been grilling some steaks, I might have jumped on Lenore and taken a ride out of town to get some different pictures. Maybe next time. As it was, not five minutes after I brought the steaks inside, the rain finally arrived. It didn’t rain hard or last very long, it just rolled through long enough to make everyone nervous.

Of course, as I type this I got a weather pop-up: now we are under a tornado watch. Ahh, Spring in Illinois…

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