Photo Friday: Egg Drop

The Squirt’s class had an egg drop this morning, and I stopped over to take pictures as the custodian dropped box after box off of the roof. I took a nice picture of the custodian and one of his drops, flanked by the Squirt and one of his friends in the foreground. Unfortunately something went wrong with the camera or my card and those pics were among 16 corrupt images from the shoot.

Unfortunately I didn’t know that until I tried to upload them to the laptop a few hours later, so that was both photos and an opportunity lost. As such I’m going to cheat a bit and post two other pics from the event.

We have liftoff!

We have liftoff!

I kept it simple this year, bundling the egg in a bunched-up plastic bag and enclosing it in a small ice cream tub. I dropped it from the ceiling as a test the night before and it survived fine, so I used the same setup for the actual event.

The wind blew hard as the custodian took the eggs and their vessels to the roof. The kids cheered every launch, and some of the vessels landed with a crunch, some with a splat, and some with a soft thump. Some were made of coffee cans, some boxes, and some egg crates. Most were packed with paper & plastic, while another was packed in gelatin and yet another surrounded by bags of water designed to burst and absorb the impact.

I’m no engineer, but I had confidence in my design based on the ceiling drop. The plastic bag had plenty of pockets of air to absorb the impact, and the flexible carton offered some room for crunch. The Squirt had little confidence, though, as before the drop he was one of only two students who felt their egg wouldn’t survive the impact.

Too bad he was right.

Whoa! His brains fell out!

"Whoa! His brains fell out!"

Fortunately we packed our fragile test pilot in a separate Ziplock bag so he didn’t make a complete mess when we extracted his remains. He’s now interred in a Dumpster out back of the elementary school.

Lesson learned: format the damn card more often. It filled on me as I fired some continuous shots to catch some of the drops, and I had to hurry and erase several old pics. I must have interrupted the erasing process, as several of the older pics were showing up as thumbnails with “unable to display” error messages. I cleared those out, finally got today’s pics to download to the computer, but still lost several as I noted above. I suspect if I’d cleared the old pics before hand rather than rushing it on-site, I’d have been fine.

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