RIP Ronnie James Dio

I’ve written way too many of these damn things this year.

Today I was sad to learn Ronnie James Dio died, succumbing to stomach cancer after a five-month battle with the disease. He was only 67 years old.

I grew up listening to this guy. Whether with Rainbow, Black Sabbath/Heaven & Hell, or Dio, I counted myself a fan of his work. “Rainbow in the Dark”, “Holy Diver”… the song list goes on and on. Just some damn good, classic metal. By all accounts he was a super guy, too. John Roling did a college radio interview with Dio, and they chatted for several minutes after the on-air interview was finished. Paul Legerski has a great picture of himself, his wife, and Dio backstage that still hangs in my office at work as a Christmas card.

It’s hard to believe he was fifty years old in that video, but even in recent years that signature voice never wavered. I saw him live just a few years ago, and it’s easily one of my favorite concert performances.

The metal scene lost one of its greatest figures today, and the world lost a good man. May he rest in peace.

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  1. Sad, sad news. The metal world was shaken to its core today.

  2. Alan F. says:

    Awful news, just awful. I’ve been jamming early solo-era stuff all day in tribute.

    I’m glad I got to see him live the once, too. That Maiden concert he opened for was awesome! You’re right, Mike, the dude’s always had the goods.

  3. Liquidnoose says:

    Very well written…still destroyed by this news.