Photo Friday: Break Day

I’m a week late with this one. I intended to post it last week, and I was going to save tonight’s shots from my karate school’s graduation as part of this week’s entry, and tomorrow we’re hitting a hot air balloon festival, but my schedule’s been completely thrown off by work (including a day trip to St Louis), a house full of extra kids all week, and some general chaos. And pics didn’t work out tonight as I ended up helping out with graduation instead of taking pics, so the Wife handled the camera for me. Given I gave her zero guidance beyond “Just point and shoot, hon!” I don’t figure I can claim them for Photo Friday entries.

Anyway. Here’s what you missed last week:

Sensei's Empi Break

Sensei Miller breaks three boards with an empi strike

My instructor demonstrated a break at the end of the basic class, and he broke three boards with an elbow strike. He actually started from a standing position and dropped his elbow onto the boards. These are 10×12″ pine boards, 1″ thick. Not easy to break, necessarily, but safer than things like bricks, patio blocks, and coconuts.

I used a 50mm prime lens so I wouldn’t have to mess with flash. I got a little bit of motion blur, and next time I may try setting my own shutter speed to try to get a little more. There’s a fine line between capturing the subject in focus and getting the blur of the action.

Break day itself was successful, though, and you can see more pictures here. You can see me holding boards for some of our students, and you’ll find my break, a basic stomp kick where I broke three boards. Next time I’ll try three with a hammer fist or elbow, not sure which yet.

Now I’m going to get some much-needed sleep.

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