Photo Friday Catch-Up: Balloon Glow

The family and I went to the Peoria Balloon Festival on Saturday, and despite the heat, we had a great time.

We first visited the balloon festival a few years ago, and it was a great photo opportunity. I hoped to get some similar shots this time around.

Ballooon Glow

Balloon Glow

The festival was held at a different park this year, and the setup was a bit different. The sun set behind us, so I couldn’t reproduce the sun shot I took last time, and the balloons weren’t inflated until much later in the evening which made some of the lighting trickier. On the plus side, though, they dropped the barriers and let us get close to the balloons and talk to the pilots, which let me catch some pictures of the engines they used to heat the air in the balloons.

Flame On!

Flame On!

I thought about switching to my faster prime lens to solve some of the soft focus issues I was having, but then I’d have given up a wider angle. Instead, next time maybe I’ll bring my monopod instead and see if that helps at all. Or maybe just sack up and switch to manual focus.

And with that I think I’m back on schedule for Photo Friday. Sure, I cheated just a bit, but the important part is I’m getting it done, right?

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