A Day Early, a Dollar Short

I took the kids out trick-or-treating tonight.

That’s right, on a Saturday. Our community catered to a few whiners who didn’t want kids to dress up as monsters on a Sunday, so we’re one of two towns in the area going out a night early. These are the same people who didn’t want kids to dress up as monsters at the elementary school, thus killing the Halloween parade there. The ordinance was only passed a couple of years ago, so I believe this may be the first time the town switched days.

In addition to it being just plain stupid, it put a damper on Halloween. The kids all knew about the switch, because of course the trick-or-treaters are paying attention. The problem is the word didn’t get out to the rest of the town, so several houses who have welcomed the kids every year were dark. While the kids did get plenty of loot, we were home a half hour earlier than usual, despite walking the same route we use every year.

Trick or Treat

The witch, the punk zombie, and Jason

On the plus side, the kids chose scary costumes this year! As a horror-writin’ dad, I get tired of seeing kids walking around as Power Rangers, Stormtroopers, Transformers, princesses, and ballerinas. This year we even saw someone dressed as a Twister game. When the Rugrats told me they wanted to be a vampire, a punk zombie, and Jason, respectively, I was thrilled. Little Bird decided she liked the witch costume better, so she went that route instead. We intended to search Goodwill for punk clothes to slather with blood and makeup, but happened to find a full punk zombie costume and saved time. Jason, of course, was a piece of cake.

The night change didn’t stop the kids from having a good time. They did a lot more walking between participating houses, but they ran into some of their friends along the way. They also got a kick out of it when one woman saw Squirt in the dark and thought his costume had something to do with the Statue of Liberty, and another dude at one house thought he was a chicken.

There's Always One

There's always at least one.

And of course we found that house. You know, the one giving out healthy treats. In this case it was raisins and granola bars, and all three kids walked away from the house grousing about it. They sounded like Charlie Brown getting his rock every year: “Aww, man, I got raisins.” I made a mental note to skip that house next year.

Looks like next year Halloween falls on a Monday, so we should be back to normal. For now the question is, do we hit another community tomorrow?

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