Smoke Blog: RP Fusion MM

It’s tough to go wrong with a good Rocky Patel, and the Fusion MM is no exception.

Rocky Patel Fusion MM


I dropped by the only late-night refuge for cigar smokers in Peoria that I’m aware of, a bar with a canvas-enclosed patio area called Kouri’s. They’ve got a small bar out there, a big fireplace, a couple of space heaters, and plenty of seats. That’s capitalism for you: when the law limits your business, find a loophole and suck in your competitors’ losses.

It’s the only environment for a smoke like this: warm enough you can take your time, and with plenty to eat or drink so you don’t feel like you’re wasting it. Nothing sucks harder than having to stub out a good cigar because it’s too cold to sit out on the porch or in the garage.

And this Fusion kept me going for almost two hours. It’s a rich cigar, medium- to full-bodied, with plenty of light smoke. It carries a fine, leathery flavor, and the smoke leaves an oily sheen on the tongue and palate. It’s that sheen I found most remarkable about this cigar. I chose to wash it away between puffs with a bolder beer — a Sam Adams — based on previous experience with a similar sheen. This one washed away clean with just a couple sips, then returned just as easily. When I finished the cigar, it didn’t cling with a nasty aftertaste, like some of its lesser competitors tend to do. Very impressive.

I also discovered the quality construction the hard way. Poor planning left me without a proper cutter for a torpedo, so I was forced to use my folding knife to clip the head. This isn’t the best tool to use, as even with a sharp knife, one side of the cigar is crushing against a flat surface rather than being cut. A good, sharp cutter will hit both sides and result in less crush, and won’t threaten the draw. With the Fusion, I chopped through the head, poked it once or twice with the tip of the knife, and was in business. No ragged flakes, no unfurling wrapper.

All around a good smoke. I’m sure I’ll buy more.

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