Ghost Rider Gets Cranked

I’ve just learned Marvel has handed the Ghost Rider sequel to Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the guys behind the Crank franchise. After the first one tanked, I say why the hell not?

In fact, I think it’s brilliant. It’s like some Marvel exec just said “Screw it, we’ll give it to these guys. It’s not like they can make it any worse.” I haven’t even seen the first flick, but I’ll buy my ticket right now for Ghost Rider 2 if these guys have free reign.

Let me put this in perspective for those of you who have never seen Crank 2: High Voltage with a selected scene. I’ll stress here, this scene is not safe for work. I can’t embed it, so click here and enjoy.

You feel me now? I can’t see Ghost Rider interrogating a guy like this, but hey, he is a character bestowed with the power of Hell. Why not give him to a couple of guys who won’t be afraid to get him dirty? Sign me up. The only way this would be better news is if they let Jason Statham play Johnny Blaze.

I have to admit, as stupid as they are, I enjoyed Crank and Crank 2. Sure, High Voltage got really crazy, but think about it: how else could they top the first one? Where else can you go after you’ve had your main character nail his girlfriend in the middle of Chinatown and then dropped him out of a helicopter?

Incidentally, the best part of the shotgun clip is Statham’s expression:

Statham Grin

"I can't believe you're paying me for this!"

I don’t think he was acting. I think he just looked at the camera as if to ask “Really? This is what you want me to do?”

When I first saw that scene, and I watched him dip the shotgun in the oil, I thought “What’s he going to do with that?”

I expected some flame trick. Maybe an explosion. Everything explodes in these movies.

Then the pants went down.

“No, surely he isn’t…”

The grin.

“He is!”

I laughed and laughed. My kid came running to see what was so funny, and I had to chase him out of the room.

Anyway. I digress. Neveldine & Taylor, Ghost Rider. Sounds like a winner. Unless studio notes are involved. Then we may just have to hope there’s a wicked director’s cut with all the goodies restored.

(These are the kind of posts you get when I’m stuck waiting on software vendors and installs at the day job. I’m bored out of my mind, but too distracted or busy to get any other real work done. Like the saying goes: idle hands lead to Jason Statham shotgun buggery.)

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  1. wolfnoma says:

    Crank 2 was great. Heck Crank was awesome! Just good, mindless nastiness!