Photo Friday: Slammin’

I went to the East Peoria Throwdown MMA event last Saturday, and despite previous headaches with my photos due to a combination of lighting and the cage fence, I talked myself into bringing the camera once again.

And once again I had some of the same headaches. Despite shooting over 400 shots (to be fair, I use continuous shutter a lot to capture action), I only uploaded 16 to the Flickr set. I could still have been pickier, but then I wouldn’t have had as much for you to look at.

On to the pic. I like this one because it captures the action nicely, and the cage isn’t as distracting.

One Slam, Coming Up

One Slam, Coming Up!

I think it demonstrates the constant give-and-take in the cage, too. The fighter on top has jumped guard to attempt a guillotine choke. The risk now is the standing fighter can slam him to the ground. The fighter on top may be able to keep his grip, and may be able to pull guard by wrapping his legs the rest of the way around his opponent’s hips (thus controlling them). Or, if the standing fighter slams him hard enough, he’ll lose his grip and the advantage. If he hits his head, he could be knocked out, or at least be stunned long enough for this opponent to pound him into the mat for a TKO.

I used my 50mm prime lens that night, opting for lighting and speed (lower aperture) over the zoom capability of my telephoto. I found using continuous autofocus helped with focusing through the fence a little, but I still had plenty of shots of a nice, crisp, black fence and two blurs battling it out on the other side. Ah well.

There will be one more sport-themed photo next week as a friend of mine has tickets to the Peoria Rivermen hockey game. They’re hosting the Chicago Wolves, so it should be a great time. We’ll be a lot closer to the ice than I’ve sat in the past, so I’ll probably go with my 18-55mm lens.

Bonus: the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders will be at the game, too! Will Photo Friday feature cheerleaders or some hockey action? Tune in and find out.

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