Photo Friday: I Hate McDonald’s

Really, I do. I only go there when I’m in a real hurry, so it’s probably once a month at best. Part of it is the food, but part of it is I’m getting sick of the poor quality of service at many of them. More often than not I have a problem, which says a lot given my infrequent visits.

Off the top of my mind, here are some of the most recent problems:

  • Given the wrong bag at the drive-thru
  • Asked for no pickle, and got pickle only (no ketchup, mustard, or onion, and the receipt even said no pickle)
  • Been asked to pull up and wait for my food, only to have the guy either forget about me or be unable to find me
  • Given no ketchup, napkins, and/or dipping sauces despite asking for them (this one’s constant)
  • When dining in, told they’d bring the fries out to us, then never got the fries (and then had to wait longer while they made a new batch)

Which brings us to today’s Photo Friday entry:

They fuck you at the drive through!


Understand, this is just recent memory, and this is at multiple locations. I can understand if one restaurant was populated by pinheads, but it seems to be a chronic problem. What’s worse is they work at a place that is constantly dumbing their job down for them. When there are pictures on the cash register, videos & manuals for every function in the place, and even a machine that handles all the drinks for you, it’s pretty damn hard to screw things up.

Yet these people find a way every day.

Next time I’ll learn the lesson Leo Getz tried to give us in Lethal Weapon 2:

Next week: the hockey and cheerleader pictures I never got around to uploading.

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  1. Noah L says:

    I’m gonna be honest–I think they were just messing with you on that one :P