Photo Friday: Hockey…

…and cheerleaders!

First, hockey. On Saturday, March 5th, I attended the Peoria Rivermen game at home versus the Chicago Wolves. I dig both teams, but I cheered for my new home team in what turned out to be a very hard-fought game. The Wolves really brought the aggression, and the Rivs didn’t back down.


Wait, it's over there!

I think I’m most amazed by the players’ reflexes. The puck moves so fast I often lose track of it. These guys, however, seem on top of it at every moment, and there was more than one time where a player reached out and seemed to grab the puck from out of thin air. Television just doesn’t do the speed of the game justice.

I shot with a 55-250mm lens through most of the game, no flash, in programmable mode with AI servo focus mode enabled and continuous shutter. I snapped nearly 400 pics throughout the game, but posted my favorite 20.

Special guests that night were the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The ladies put on a brief show between periods, and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it.

Shakin' It

I can't imagine why.

All in all, it was a good night out with some friends. We saw the game for free thanks to someone else’s season passes, and we had dinner for free courtesy of some restaurant gift cards a friend gave me, so we really couldn’t complain. Yes, I could (and should) have been writing that night, but hey, I’d already committed, and look what I would have missed? Surely even my editor at Evileye understands that one, right?

Okay, yeah, I suck. But look what else I would have missed:

Blood on the Ice

Yep, that's blood.

I think my son said it best: “Wow, hockey is UFC on ice!”

Now I best get back to the manuscript so I can afford my own season tickets someday.

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