Photo Friday: Trias Memorial Workout

Monday was the anniversary of Grand Master Trias’s death, and the Academy of Okinawan Karate dojos held memorial workouts in his honor. This picture was shot after the workout.

Trias Memorial Workout - After

What you can't see is how drenched with sweat our gis are

Standing in the dojo, I couldn’t tell there were two different colors of light coming down on the group. Now it’s obvious: the left half is under yellow/orange light and the right half is under white. Unfortunately I don’t have the Photoshop/Lightroom skills to fix that yet. The photographer (*ahem*) probably should have stepped in to override the group arrangement, too. Ah well. The participants are already anxious to get their hands on the photo.

I chose to shoot without flash because of the distance and distribution of the group. I used the kit lens pulled out to a wide angle and cranked the ISO up to 800 to get a good shutter speed inside, especially with some fidgety little ones in the front row.

The set with the before shots can be found here.

As a side note, I think I’m going to stop using Snapfish/Walmart for my prints. These pics came back, and they clearly altered my exposure in one shot and made the people too dark. I’m going to talk to the folks at Peoria Camera Shop and see how they handle processing during printing. Hell, maybe their classes will help me compensate for the lighting issues I ran into.

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  1. You wanna send me the original, see if I can’t do anything with it? No promises. I’ll be experimenting a little, of course, but I *might* be able to even it out a bit.