Winter Kill Has Legs

The book’s been out almost two years, but it has landed yet another 5-star review. I don’t usually talk up this kind of thing, but man, just about every review of the book I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Here’s an excerpt from the latest review by Jennifer Morrell:

Winter Kill actually has given me hope that there are some writers out there who do not stick to the cookie cutter werewolf story. I have a renewed interest again in the werewolf stories.

I love it. A few people have given me a hard time for not having enough werewolves in a werewolf book, but then what would set it apart from those books? I’m not interested in following a formula, I want to tell a certain story, and it just happens to have werewolves in it. It’s that simple.

If that sells you, you can order it from Amazon in trade paperback here or on Kindle. From Barnes & Noble, you can special order it at any store or you can order online here or download it for the Nook. If you’re an Apple fan, order the iBooks edition.

Now we come to the part I remind myself I need to build momentum. Lie with the Dead is almost done. I’ve beyond blown my deadline on this one, and it’s killing me. I’m confident you’ll enjoy it, though.


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