Win a Copy of TFWM

The good folks over at Dreadful Tales have reviewed To Fight With Monsters, the comic book written by Brian Keene and myself and illustrated by Ben Dunn. You can read the full review here, but here’s a blurb:

This story reeks of modern horror in its themes and intense, unbridled sense of… wrongness… if I may use that word. The subject matter at hand is brutal, and so far from what one would automatically thing this little story is about. It is, in fact, about monsters – but who and what the monsters are is left completely to the reader to find out. In fact, I’d say that that there are more monsters present in this than the average reader would admit. It’s just a matter of opinion as to how you would define the word.

As a bonus, the DT guys are giving away free copies of the comic! You can win one by purchasing your very own copy of Winter Kill and sending proof to DT. Supplies are limited, so act fast. For full details, scroll to the bottom of the review.

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Mike Oliveri is a writer, martial artist, cigar aficionado, motorcyclist, and family man, but not necessarily in that order. He is currently hard at work on the werewolf noir series The Pack for Evileye Books.

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