Amazon Cloud Reader

Amazon has launched their Kindle Cloud Reader, a web app that allows readers to access their Kindle content through a web browser. Slick! You do need Chrome or Safari (and you should be using Chrome anyway, IMHO) to access the site, but once you’re in, it doesn’t look all that different from the Kindle app interface on my Mac.

Here’s a screenshot, including covers from several of the killer books I’m reading right now:

Click to embiggen and behold the awesomeness

I clicked on one of the books, and as expected, it picked up exactly where I left off reading on my iPad. Very, very cool.

Now I have a whole new way to slack off at work. Er, ah, kill time while waiting on server software to do its thing. No?

Anyway. It really doesn’t matter if Apple blocked in-app purchases for the Kindle (and other readers), because now there’s a way around it. And even if the Kindle Cloud Reader weren’t available, it doesn’t take any effort at all to click to the browser, open, and push the book to my iPad anyway. Just a non-issue for me. Hopefully this will unbunch everyone else’s panties until the Almighty Jobs enforces his will again.

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