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The end of summer has been busy, and over the past few weeks I’ve accumulated a pocket full of cigar bands with every intention of blogging about them. Something would get in the way, pretty soon I’d have another smoke, then not be able to blog about it, and so on. As such I don’t have a lot of notes on these bad boys, but I can give you the impressions I had, as well as record said impressions for the next time I go smoke shopping.

Kristoff Sumatra Robusto: I remember liking this one quite a bit. Kristoff has a good thing going, especially for a somewhat local brand. Between this one and the Ligero I smoked a couple of months ago, it’s a brand that will grace my humidor in the future.

Quesada Tributo: I’d never heard of this brand, but reading a description I found (Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan Ligero binder, over a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican Ligeros) makes me think I snapped it up myself. I dig on Ligeros, and I remember digging on this cigar.

Patel Brothers: My friend John picked up a box of these cheap. I forget why they were cheap (trouble moving them?), but after his shop went from 40 boxes to 3 in just a couple of days, he snagged one for himself. Three of us sampled one, and we all really enjoyed them. Not really surprising given it’s a Rocky Patel product.

Sancho Panza: This one gets the “meh” review. A Honduran smoke, the only previous experience I had with Sancho Panza was a small tin of cigarillos a friend bought several years back. Those were dark and heavy on the palate, and this one wasn’t far off. It found its groove about halfway through, but I wasn’t sure if it was because I got used to it or if it was something in the blend. I don’t know where they rank amongst other premium brands, but I’m thinking it’s just not a brand for me.

That about does it. I had another JFR in there somewhere, a fat one this time. It was okay, not as good as one I’d had previously. From here on in I’ll have to take better notes during smokes, or get on the keyboard much faster. Summer’s a bitch that way, and now school is starting again already.



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