Photo Friday on Tuesday: Catching Up

I shot the photos for the last two weeks of Photo Friday entries, but unfortunately it took a while to find the time to sit down and go through them and edit them, and then I had no time to sit down and punch up the blog entry.

The first photo was shot from the front row behind home plate at Wrigley Field. A friend’s wife won tickets in an auction, and when she and one of his daughters couldn’t go, he invited the Squirt and I to tag along. The Cubs hosted the Cincinnati Reds that day.


Heads up!

We had a great time. I shot with my 55-250mm all day, with the ISO locked in at 100 because it was bright and sunny. I had to drop it a couple of times when clouds cast a shadow, but otherwise it was a set it and forget it kind of day. I got a few good ones in the full set.

Bonus paparazzo shot:

Let's Do Some Good

Don't worry, prohibition is still over.

Kevin Costner sat opposite us in a box just past the netting. I saw a lot of cameras pointed his way when he stood up to order a beer. In fact, there’s one in the background.

For the second Photo Friday entry, I snapped a few photos of the kids before walking them to school on the first day, which also happened to be the first day of Kindergarten for the Little Bird.

Back to School

Summer's officially over, kids!

I had to move them around a bit to get the harsh morning sunlight out their eyes. Squinty pics are no fun. I would have liked to have a diffuser panel off to the side for this one, too, but the Wife and the rest of the family were thrilled with this pic, so I’m happy, too. 18-55mm kit lens, nothing fancy.

This coming Friday: either portrait work from a herf with my super-distant cousin by marriage Mark tomorrow night, or more karate pics. Probably the herf.

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