Paging Dr Freud

I have to wonder about teachers sometimes.

First, every year the testicle turkeys show up:

The Testicle Turkeys are Back

This Thanksgiving, will you have white meat or dark meat?

Then late last year I found the phallic chicken:

Freudian Chicken

Turn your head to the side. You'll see it.

Today I walked down the hall and discovered this:

Chicka what now?

So tempting to put "wow wow" at the bottom.

It’s just another beat for boom chicka wow wow. Cheesy ’70s porn soundtracks. Makes me wonder whether teachers keep themselves sane via inside jokes or if there’s some deep-rooted Freudian stuff going on.

Don’t think that’s the sound? Check it out. But, uh, don’t turn your speakers up too loud if you’re still at work.

I wonder if I shouldn’t be looking closer at the content of those posters…

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