Photo Monday: Them Crooked Hills

In which we continue to play Photo Friday catch-up:

Crooked Hills

The boys get a jump on their Halloween reading

And what better way to play catch-up than to plug Cullen Bunn’s new novel, Crooked Hills, just released by Earwig Press. It’s billed as a YA novel also for adults, but I’m a couple chapters in and I’m digging it myself. It’s only $2.99 on Kindle, but you can also purchase it in trade paperback.

As for the pic, it’s a simple setup with the flashy thing mounted on top. Little Bird was supposed to be in the picture, too, but she decided she didn’t want to cooperate with Daddy and pitched a fit.

This week’s Photo Friday entry is done, so it’ll be on time. For reals. After that I may throw in some bonus pics to get caught up and have my 52 for the year. The writing takes precedence, but I think I’ll be able to squeeze some photos in and finish the year strong.

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