Walking Dead Webisodes

AMC has put out a series of six Walking Dead webisodes. Here’s the first:

I dig extra content like this and the Sons of Anarchy app. They’re nice bonuses for the fans, often full of insights or surprises about the main series.

In Walking Dead‘s case, the six episodes give you a glimpse into another family’s life, and there’s a cool little surprise for fans at the end (assuming someone else hasn’t already spoiled it for you). Each webisode is 2-4 minutes long, so you can easily catch up with them over a lunchbreak.

Well worth it if you’re a fan.

I’ll probably be behind in watching the new seasons, but I look forward to it with cautious optimism. I dig the overall feel of the show, but I thought last season’s finale was a fumble. I hope the Season 2 opener recovers.

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  1. Troy says:


    My 10 y/o daughter and I loved Season 1 and can’t wait for Sunday.

    I know…like father, like daughter…

    Take care,