Photo Friday: Zoo Trip

We took the rugrats to the zoo last weekend, and unlike our first visit, I made sure the camera was fully charged and ready to go. One of the first shots upon arrival turned out to be a keeper.

Plotting Their Escape

Two tamarins plot their escape

I shot this with my 50mm prime lens, no flash. I thought it came out quite well, and was pleased another photographer marked it as a favorite just a minute or so after it hit Flickr.

While the tamarins made the official Photo Friday photo, I thought I would post some other favorites.

Lazy Day

Chill meerkat

This meerkat was chilling right up near the glass. I crouched down in front of him and snapped this shot while he watched one of the kids moving around. The meerkat exhibit is small but popular, and they even have a Meerkat Cam so folks can watch them from home.

Warm Day

A tiger pants in the shade

The tigers are usually pretty bored. We’ve only been there twice, and both times one just chilled while the other paced around. It was a very warm day for a Midwest October, and this one stayed in the shade and panted a bit to cool off. They’re gorgeous tigers, and it’s too bad they’re not in a larger enclosure.

Wink Wink

Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more

I framed this shot through a mesh, and I didn’t even realize the tiger had one eye closed until I looked at it in Lightroom.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Naptime for the king of the jung—er, cage

This lion was taking a good power nap…

Now She Will Nag Him

"Henry! Get out there and mow the lawn!"

…and then the wife came to roust him up.

What’s really strange is from that perch, if the lioness turns the other direction she can see the zebra, and maybe even the antelope and giraffe in the next pen. That’s gotta be torture.

Finally, we have my favorite of the bunch. When we first walked in, two tamarins were getting it on. Unfortunately I didn’t get my camera up in time to capture the action. Then we went by the spider monkey cage…

Prostate Check

"Check your oil, sir?"

Who knew monkeys gave one another prostate exams?

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