Photo Friday Bonus: The Eagle Has Landed

We took advantage of the warm weekend last week to take a second family trip, this time to Wildlife Prairie State Park. We had only been there once for a wedding, so we looked forward to going back with the kids. While there, I captured this photo of one of their eagles.


"Who disturbs my dinner?"

The eagles and owls had just been fed some rats or similar rodents, so they were more interested in that than anything we were doing.

In fact, in that sense, the trip was a bit of a disappointment: most of the animals were sleeping or hiding. We did get to see a lot of them, though, and we had a good time walking around the trails.

A few bonus shots:

Sleepy Black Bear

"Mom, is that bear dead?"

This bear was so still we were convinced he fell out of the tree and killed himself. After walking around for an hour or so, I walked back to make sure he was alive. Fortunately by then he was back up and around.


What's the big deal? I don't get why the teenagers so excited about cougars.

I would have had a Redd Foxx joke, too, but the red fox was hiding in his pen.

Slow and Easy

Hey, slow down, big fella!

They stayed that way for a minute or two, perfectly still. Then both of their heads went up… and they were still again.

I walked by later and they asked me if I had a smoke.

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