The Mailman’s Been Good to Me

Check this out, hot off the Lulu presses:

Needle Mag, hot off the presses

Needle Magazine, Fall 2011

The latest issue of Needle Magazine, including “With This Bullet” by yours truly and some kick-ass crime fiction from guys like Ray Banks. I look forward to digging in.

A day later, an Amazon order arrived:

Today's mail haul

Sweets and Blue Estate

I’ve been wanting to read Sweets and Blue Estate for some time now. I can use some good criminal inspiration, and lately I just haven’t been reading enough (in comics or prose). I finally caved and ordered, and I plan to read them both shortly.

It’s important to keep reading if one is going to keep writing. For me, it’s not just about studying the craft, it’s about staying in the creative mindset and drawing inspiration. It’s about being challenged by other creators and raising the bar myself.

I had a good day of writing Monday. I need to stay supercharged. This is my fuel.

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