Smart Windows -> Solar Windows?

So now there are “smart windows” that can turn glass into one-way monitors:

Very cool. Hook one up to my standing desk so I can get all Minority Report up in here.

It also leads me to a bigger question: can we turn the same panels or use similar technology to turn any window into a solar panel for power generation?

A common complaint about solar energy is the surface area required. Yet if you look at the surface area of a single skycraper, multiplied by the available surface area of an entire city full of buildings and skyscrapers already made of glass and on the grid, then what does that yield us? If nothing else, it’s that much less surface area that needs to be taken from land.

I’m sure Samsung and other manufacturers already looking at facing this stuff outward and turning any building into a giant billboard, but how about more practical purposes? Most of downtown Chicago shuts down before the daylight hours are up, so imagine if all of these buildings could be come partially or fully self-sufficient by covering them with solar panels that double as windows, skylights, etc.

Has this been attempted? Is it possible? Beats me, but it seems like modern science should be able to find a way to make this happen.

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