Twitter Shenanigans for 2012-01-24

  • My phone battery quit at 3pm, so I didn't get to tell much about the rest of the #sundance experience today. #
  • We did see @BrianKeene's GHOUL, though. True to the spirit of the book! The rest of you will get to see it Friday, April 13th, on Chiller. #
  • Slamdance! #
  • Rockin' #Slamdance at #Sundance earlier today. #
  • Occupy Provo at #Sundance #
  • Now @Nukegumby is telling us all about the bored-on. #
  • What a horseshit rationalization: Piracy Is Not Theft – Demotivational Poster #
  • Stumbling through the condo zombie style. It's been a great weekend at #Sundance and #Slamdance but I'm ready to get back to the family. #
  • I need to go home and write my balls off. That way, next time I get to do Sundance, I don't have to worry about going back to the day job. #
  • Then again, I'd probably miss my balls. #
  • Today's @BrianKeene and @Nukegumby serenade features The Moody Blues. #
  • I am going to miss this view. #
  • Mountains trump the Illinois pancake #
  • Colorful characters at gate, including an ex-Marine, 2 Mormon missionaries, and an Air Force officer with a lot of fruit salad on his chest. #
  • The missionaries are apparently headed to Mozambique. Yeah, good luck with that. #
  • Awesome. I'm sitting next to a guy twice my size for this three-hour flight. #
  • Stewardess is frustrated because they're out of room for carry-ons. Maybe if they didn't charge bag fees, this wouldn't happen. Idiots. #
  • If I wrote full-time, I could have made this a road trip and avoid this hassle. Take extra driving time, see sights, visit friends. #
  • Greetings from 10,000 feet up in the magic sky tube. I'm online because I have business to conduct. #
  • Having to type on the split-screen keyboard because our shoulders are way too broad to do it right. #
  • Between flights, I have been assaulted with problems from the day job. Welcome home, asshole. #
  • Wow, wish I'd known about THE RAID while I was at #Sundance this weekend: Looks awesome. #
  • Orbitz texted me about a gate change. One would think the goddamn airline would say something, no? #
  • 64 degrees in Dallas. I could ride my motorcycle in that, easy. Maybe I will stay put and have my family come to me. #
  • While reading on the flight, I've been really digging @DocNoir's ALL THE YOUNG WARRIORS. Great read. #
  • Three old people at gate comparing weather in Nebraska and Peoria. One-upping each other. Couldn't flee that conversation fast enough. #
  • Solo window seat for flight home. Sweet relief. Shoulder still juts into aisle, but a solid elbow keeps pinheads in check. #
  • Now the steward has to deal with dumbasses looking at seat numbers on the wrong tickets, and who are then scared they're on the wrong plane. #
  • Still, these people beat the PR and marketing douches we ran into at #Sundance #

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