Photo Friday: Sad Little Monkeys

It’s Spring Break this week, so in an effort to keep the Rugrats entertained I took them to Peoria’s Glen Oak Zoo. It’s not a huge place and the kids all have their favorite exhibits, so it’s a good way to kill a couple hours in the afternoon. I, of course, brought the camera along.

Take Me Home

"Please take me home with you!"

The tamarins are usually the first exhibit we see when walking in through the gift shop, and I had to snap a photo of this little guy’s sad eyes. His buddies were busy trying to figure out how to open the small door at the back of the cage or bust their way through the mesh ceiling, but he seemed to already understand the futility of those actions.

I only brought my 55-250mm lens, and its aperture makes indoor shooting rough at times. As such, I was happy with the way this one turned out. In fact, it was challenged a few times as many of the animals had moved indoors and I had to shoot through glass.

For example, the mandrills were all behind a large pane of glass:

Sad Mandrill

You'd be bummed if you were stuck in a cage all day, too.

I was able to tweak this a bit in Lightroom, but I think the color would have been more vibrant and the eyes in better focus had this been shot in open daylight.

At least this guy cooperated by reclining in the sunlight:

Dramatic Monkey

"Go, save yourselves! I'll... be fine..."

The kids, of course, insisted he’d croaked and discussed the many impossible ways he might have died, ranging from bullets to swords to ramming the glass head first. Then the monkey moved his left hand and shattered their dark little imaginations.

They come by it honestly.

All in all we had a good day. There are more photos on Flickr, including a few of the male lion who is usually sound asleep when we visit.

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